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Fidolook is freeware extension for Microsoft Outlook Express what shipped with Microsoft Internet Explorer. This program dramatically enhance Outlook Express. Has comprehensive approach for message headers, templates and quoting customization as well as mask support in message templates. Extend services for local news and mail folders. Allow import and export messages to files and more.

Quoters? - quoting of original message in various ways, incl. GoldEd?(famous FidoNet editor)-like quoting.

TemplatesAndMasks? - customised messages templates with automatic substitution of message fields using masks. Conditional expressions with masks. Assigning templates to various message types: New message, Reply, Reply to group, Forward and so on. Sets of templates could be packaged as Skins.

Headers - full support of message headers editing. Headers setup on a base of message type. Masks in headers and so on...

NewsMailer? - alternative way to post messages to newsgroups by e-mail without using news server (e.g. fido7.* news://

FTNStub - tool for accessing FidoNet network withoute using newsgates like Netmail. BSO support, filebox. Automatic generation of BinkD? configuration.

NewsSaver? - extend services for local news and mail folders. Force to saving messages deleted from news server. Manual message deletion. Manual change of ReadOlny? state for messages.

NewsArcWizard? - tool for creating newsgroups backup. Import/export messages to nws, eml files. Import/export messages to database using any ISAM-copmatible driver.

Supports Français and yEnc.

Most important this software is completely FREE.

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